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Now, for the first time ever, Diamond Rose Shears is offering our Business Package in an a-la-cart menu format.

This new approach is based on feedback and requests we received. Many people simply want to open a scissors sharpening business, others, want to add beauty salons to their existing sharpening business, others are looking for a recession-proof service business to open.

If you are:
  • An entrepreneur who wants to open a sharpening business in the most lucrative niche of the sharpening industry,
  • A sharpener who wants to add beauty salons to your client list by owning the only machine capable of putting hair styling shears back to factory new condition,
  • Recently unemployed and have decided to take charge of your financial future by opening a proven business in a recession-proof industry,

Then please read on.

It's true, sharpen only 7 shears per day 5 days a week and take two weeks off in the summer and you can earn over $60,000 your first year. You will begin earning money immediately and only need to build your customer base up to about 200 salons to run business generating well over $75,000 in revenue per year with a very high profit margin.

Act now! This is a limited time offer. Call (303) 217-8660

Scissors Sharpening MachineGet started today on your path to financial freedom. We recommend you charge $35 to sharpen a pair of shears. It takes about 20 minutes once you’re experienced in the field to sharpen a pair of shears. This translates to $105.00 per hour sharpening professional hair cutting scissors with your own patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine.

You’ll be the only sharpener in your area who can consistently match the original factory specifications on shears and build a happy, loyal base of local customers.

It is not necessary to travel the entire country to find someone to let you sharpen scissors. The quality sharpening only possible when using this amazing patented scissors sharpening machine, allows you to rapidly build a loyal customer base of stylists right in your neighborhood.

Included with the machine is our complete at home training course. This course has comprehensive instruction manual and training videos showing:

  • Shear testing and inspection
  • Setting the balance on a shear
  • How to diagnose shear problems
  • How to identify the correct angle
  • Disassembly
  • The complete 20 step sharpening process
  • Reassembly
  • Final testing
  • Returning the shear to the customer

While supplies last the DIAMOND ROSE SUPERIOR SHARPENING MACHINE pictured above is only $7,500.00.

You’re probably saying, “I see the value of the machine, the home study course looks comprehensive, what else do I need?”

Scissor Sharpening Machine and cartAdd our complete accessories package for a low $995.00. Eliminate all the trial and error of figuring out all the tools required to actually operate a hair styling scissors sharpening business by taking advantage of our ten years’ experience.

Get our complete accessories package and avoid the frustration of buying tools and supplies from dozens of different suppliers only to discover you bought the wrong items.

The Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System Accessories Package includes the hand cart, machine cover and tool box pictured here. (Scissors case in picture not included.) It does include all the hand tools, honing stones, radius guides and an initial set sharpening supplies together with replacement parts for the scissors i.e. washers, bumpers and scissors lubricant.

Our accessories package, the design of which is the result of 10 years of practical hands-on experience is complete. Add it to the patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine and Sharpening Home Study Course and you have everything you need to go out and make an above average income sharpening professional hair cutting scissors.

Add it to your Machine Order today for only $995.00. Call Today (303) 217-8660

Become a Certified Master Sharpener. As complete as our home study program is, there is no substitute for direct hands-on training with one of the best sharpeners in the country.

Enroll in our scissor sharpening master training program. Having the right equipment and tools is only half the equation. How long does it take to master anything? The 10,000 hour rule comes into play here. The real answer is it takes 10,000 hours of successful and diligent practice to master any skill.

Scissor Sharpening Training ClassThe only way to shorten that time frame is to “apprentice” yourself to an expert. In our comprehensive 3 day training program you receive direct hands-on-training with a very successful master sharpener. He will demonstrate all the in’s and outs of professional scissors sharpening. Rather than trying to learn just from the manual or watching the videos you will be working directly with and under the guidance of one of the premier sharpeners in the world.

Our three day scissors sharpening master training program is given in Phoenix, Arizona. Call to schedule your class today.

The cost is only $2,500.00 for all three days of intensive practical hands on training (travel and lodging not included.)

A perfect business always provides more than one way to make money.

You can add to your success and your income by selling our top-quality Musashi Shears. Sell Musashi Shears

Musashi Shears are endorsed by platform artists from around the world, they were featured on Shear Genius III (broadcast on the Bravo Network) but more importantly are in use by thousands of satisfied stylists across the country. Each Musashi Shear comes with a lifetime factory warranty and is sure to please your in-salon customers. If your customers want to purchase shears you can make up to 50% profit from the sale. When you purchase one to five shears you buy them at 60% of the retail price, giving you a 40% profit. If you purchase 6 or more at a time you can buy them at 50% of retail, yielding a 50% profit. It’s up to you.

We sell 6 Shear, 10 Shear and 30 Shear sales kits if you want to carry samples with you. Call for prices on our suggested packages to show and sell while you are in the salon sharpening.

If you decide that you want the perfect sales and service business right from the start…
Please call for the sales price for our complete package and set up your lucrative sales and service business serving the professional stylists in your area. The prices above are cash only. If you purchase our complete business start-up package with one full week of training, we are able to offer attractive financing programs.
Call for details 303-217-8660
Don't delay - This is a limited time offer!

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